Expert Advisors

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What are Expert Advisors?

  • An Expert Advisor (EA) is a piece of software that runs on different MetaTrader platforms so as to allow you to carry out automated trades. Expert Advisors are customizable per the user’s wishes, and they possess analytical capabilities that allow you to make many investment decisions without any intervention on your end.

  • These Expert Advisors are built using MQL, a special MetaTrader 5 scripting language. This language facilitates the ability to build custom Expert Advisors and can be used to build an endless number of Expert Advisors with various functions and specialties.

  • It is also possible to purchase pre-made Expert Advisors, since EAs are offered for sale by many financial institutions and professional traders.

What are Expert Advisors?

  • Automated trades can be carried out using Expert Advisors without any need for human intervention.

  • The software is primarily operated through pre-programmed scenarios, as the programmer enters a group of conditions related to a particular method or trading condition into the software and gives it orders to make trades based on those pre-entered conditions.

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OW Markets welcomes your decision to use Expert Advisors to make your trades, since we believe that our clients should be free to choose the trading method that best suits them

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