An Overview of the PAMM Account

The PAMM account is your ideal choice if you have successful strategies or if you want a money manager to help you invest part of your money

Instant execution icon || أيقونة تنفيذ فوري

What is a PAMM account?

This account is a type of pooled Forex money trading. The trader specifies a certain amount of money to invest and chooses a money manager to carry out the investment task on their behalf. Several accounts and the capital of a number of traders are then controlled by a single PAMM account manager who uses them for trading.

OW Markets, as the trading broker, carries out the regulation of this process by providing the trading instrument and supervising the contract made between the managers and the traders. The contract involves the traders’ agreement to manage their funds through the account manager and bear the trading consequences. It also states the percentage of capital to be handed over to the account manager along with the various performance fees charged by the account manager in consideration for the services provided. The account manager shall have no access to the entirety of traders’ account funds; instead, the manager only has control over the percentage specified by the trader, excluding the potential of withdrawing those funds.

The PAMM account manager is the party responsible for determining the trading method and strategies based on their experience. The profits or losses of the collected funds are distributed among the traders in accord with the percentage of contribution they made to the invested capital.

PAMM Manager Account

If you are an experienced trader, the PAMM Manager Account gives you the chance to benefit from the experience you have in this field. Through this account, you will be able to gain notable income through offering less experienced traders the opportunity to invest their money with you in exchange for a performance fee you specify based on the profits that you will achieve.

  • Account features

    Here are just a few of the numerous benefits you will get as a PAMM account manager:

    • Customized fees: Our service gives the account manager the right to determine their own fee; your performance fees will be set by only you and no one else.

    • Unlimited income: This account is totally limitless. The more well-known you become in the community, the more clients you will get and the more profits you will achieve.

    • We care about your money: You don’t need to worry about your profits anymore. This system divides profits according to the trading period specified by you.

    • Comprehensive reporting system: All you need to do is trade, and thanks to our reporting system, you will be provided with extensive details about your profits and trades, for you and for your clients.

  • How to start earning

    Becoming one of our account managers is simple. Just complete these steps:

    • 1.

      If you do not already have an OW Markets account, sign up for one here.

    • 2.

      Deposit your account or wallet.

    • 3.

      Apply to become an account manager.

    • 4.

      Put forth your offer to traders, including your fees.

    • 5.

      Start trading.

    Fundamental Analysis || التحليل الأساسي

PAMM Investor Account

Having no experience is no longer an impediment to trading with the PAMM Investor Account. If you’re worried that you don’t possess adequate experience for trading, this account gives you the chance to appoint a professional account manager to invest your money with the objective of achieving profits in exchange for a portion of the profits you gain.

  • Account features

    The PAMM Investor Account guarantees a safe and risk-free trading process for you. The following are among the many features it provides:

    • No experience needed: Investing has never been so easy. Simply provide the capital for trading, and your chosen PAMM account manager will take care of everything else.

    • Extensive list of professional traders: Choose your trading account manager from a long list of professionals and rest assured you’re putting your money in the hands of people you can trust.

    • Highly transparent reports: Investing has never been so easy. Simply provide the capital for trading, and your chosen PAMM account manager will take care of everything else.

    • We protect your money: No one will have access to your funds; the account manager can only access the funds you specify for trading and is unable to withdraw those funds.

    • Low fees: We allow traders to check the fees charged by each manager before making a hiring decision. Fees are calculated based on profits only.

  • How to start earning

    Registering for a PAMM Investor Account is simple. Just follow:

    • 1.

      If you do not already have an OW Markets account, sign up for one here.

    • 2.

      Deposit your account or wallet.

    • 3.

      Apply for a PAMM Investor Account.

    • 4.

      Choose the manager you want to invest through.

    • 5.

      Sit back and enjoy making profits.

    Secure and Profitable Investment || الاستثمار الآمن والمربح

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  • 24/7 Support || الدعم على مدار الساعة

    We offer a secure platform and environment where traders and managers can easily communicate with each other

  • Technical Analysis ||  التحليل الفني

    We give you the assistance needed to make trades smoothly via the MetaTrader 5 trading platform

  • Investment Diversification || التنويع الاستثماري

    Making deposits, withdrawals, etc., is super simple

  • Fast Trading Feature Icon || رمز ميزة التداول السريع

    We provide evaluations and reviews of our managers so as to help traders choose the right manager

Trading in the financial markets is not just for professionals anymore. With OW Markets, anyone can get started on their investment journey today. Join us now: open an account, activate it, make your initial deposit, and you will be ready to start investing in dozens of financial markets, all in one place



A PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) account is a type of managed account in which an investor allocates their money to be managed by an experienced trader. The trader manages the pooled funds of several investors on a single account. In a PAMM account, each investor retains control over their investment, with the ability to deposit and withdraw funds at their discretion. At OW Markets, a PAMM account allows investors to benefit from the expertise of skilled traders without the need to trade themselves. Here’s how it works: Allocation: An investor chooses a trader and allocates a specific percentage of their capital to the trader’s PAMM account. Trading: The trader uses their expertise to trade in the financial markets, attempting to generate profits. Distribution: Profits and losses are distributed proportionally among the investors based on the amount they have invested.

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