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With the Islamic account from OW Markets, you can now enjoy trading in various financial markets without swaps

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OW Markets Islamic account || الحساب إسلامي OW Markets
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What is an Islamic account?

  • OW Markets is always striving to meet our clients’ unique needs and to satisfy all segments of traders. That’s how the Islamic account came about: we want to allow all investors to trade with great ease.

  • The Islamic account is different from other account types in that it is swap-free, which means that the client does not have to pay or receive any interest on overnight or open trades for the next day (*terms and conditions apply).

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Islamic Account

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Open Islamic Account
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Features of the Islamic account.

  • The OW Markets Islamic account provides a variety of features that allow you to trade and invest in the largest global financial markets, all in one place, via the unique MT5 trading platform. You will have the chance to trade on the various financial instruments with OW Markets using the Islamic account, which offers the same trading terms and conditions – the only exception being that it is swap-free.

  • The swap-free feature is applicable to any type of account offered by OW Markets. When you create your account, you’ll be given the option to choose an interest-free account if desired. You may also contact customer service to change your existing account into an interest-free Islamic account at any time.

OW Markets Trading instrument  || رسم بياني لأداة التداول

Unique MT5

Trading Platform

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Storage Fees

When a position is held open for a specific number of trading days (including weekends), an Islamic account is subject to the following daily charges on the following instruments


Instrument Charge per lot Apply After
EURUSD -$5.00 14 days
GBPUSD -$5.00 14 days
AUDUSD -$5.00 14 days
NZDUSD -$5.00 14 days
USDCAD -$5.00 14 days
USDCHF -$5.00 14 days
USDJPY -$7.00 14 days
AUDCAD -$5.00 14 days
AUDCHF -$5.00 14 days
AUDJPY -$7.00 14 days
AUDNZD -$5.00 14 days
CADCHF -$5.00 14 days
CADJPY -$7.00 14 days
CHFJPY -$7.00 14 days
EURAUD -$5.00 14 days
EURCAD -$5.00 14 days
EURCHF -$5.00 14 days
EURGBP -$5.00 14 days
EURJPY -$7.00 14 days
GBPAUD -$5.00 14 days
GBPCAD -$5.00 14 days
GBPCHF -$5.00 14 days
GBPJPY -$5.00 14 days
GBPNZD -$5.00 14 days
NZDCAD -$5.00 14 days
NZDCHF -$5.00 14 days
NZDJPY -$7.00 14 days
EURNZD -$5.00 14 days
EURMXN -$25.00 From First Day
EURNOK -$7.00 From First Day
EURTRY -$85.00 From First Day
EURSEK -$30.00 From First Day
EURSGD -$7.00 From First Day
GBPSEK -$9.00 From First Day
SGDJPY -$17.00 From First Day
USDCNH -$14.00 From First Day
USDHKD -$13.00 From First Day
USDMXN -$42.00 From First Day
USDNOK -$9.00 From First Day
USDSEK -$9.00 From First Day
USDSGD -$7.00 From First Day
USDZAR -$17.00 From First Day
USDTRY -$130.00 From First Day
AUDSGD -$7.00 From First Day

No symbol found


Instrument Charge per lot Apply After
XAGUSD -$5.00 5 days
XAUUSD -$12.00 5 days
XPDUSD -$14.00 5 days
XPTUSD -$14.00 5 days
XAUEUR -$25.00 5 days
UKOIL -$25.00 From First Day
USOIL -$25.00 From First Day

No symbol found


Instrument Charge per lot Apply After
US30 -$0.80 From First Day
SP500 -$0.80 From First Day
NQ100 -$0.80 From First Day
FTSE100 -$0.70 From First Day
DAX40 -$0.70 From First Day

No symbol found


If you don’t have an account with OW Markets already, you can create a free account by completing your account application form and then fund your account through our secure funding portal. You can now fund your trading accounts using Visa, Mastercard, Bank transfer and Sticpay. At OW Markets, we strive to provide you with the best possible trading experience, and offering a variety of payment options is just one of the ways we aim to meet your needs.

Through the client portal, you will see a withdraw button.

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STICPAY indicating deposits and withdrawals via e-wallets || محفظة STICPAY إلكترونية تشير إلى الإيداعات و السحوبات عبر المحافظ الإلكترونية
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