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Trade Global Indices with OW Markets || تداول المؤشرات العالمية مع OW Markets
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Trade Global Indices with OW Markets || تداول المؤشرات العالمية مع OW Markets
OW Markets Indices Trading ||  تداول المؤشرات في OW Markets

What are stock indices?

  • Stock indices are used to measure the performance of a group of stocks that can be traded and speculated on in the form of CFDs as if they were a single financial unit or instrument. Indices are highly useful in that they allow investors to monitor the state of the financial markets on a periodic basis, and to compare different stock exchanges; moreover, it gives traders the chance to trade a full range of stocks from large companies and in various fields.

  • Trading stock indices using CFDs is a valuable way for traders to earn profits. With this method, traders can speculate on the movement of the index, either by buying certain indices expected to encounter price spikes or by selling indices when prices are expected to fall. The success of this method is mainly based on accurate forecasts, liquidity, and market movement.

Trade Global Indices with OW Markets
Experience Our Tight Spreads Today || جرّب فروق الأسعار التنافسية لدينا اليوم

Experience Our Tight Spreads Today

OW Markets offers ultra-competitive spreads starting as low as 0.0, guaranteeing you access to the most favorable trading prices for a diverse array of financial instruments across global markets. Unlock your trading potential with unparalleled market access and precision pricing that can enhance your trading strategy and performance.


Symbol Bid Ask Spread
US30 40027.36 40029.26 19.0
SP500 5615.63 5616.53 9.0
NQ100 20331.80 20333.30 15.0
FTSE100 8237.30 8239.60 23.0
DAX40 18718.35 18719.75 14.0

Discover the unparalleled advantages of trading with OW Markets

Dynamic Leverage Up To 1:1000
Dynamic Leverage up to 1:1000

OW Markets provides you with a leverage of up to 1: 1000, so you can get more liquidity to engage in more professional trades.

OW Markets' spreads starting from 0.0
Spreads starting from Zero

OW Markets provides spreads starting from 0.0, which means that you will get a price as close as possible to the actual currency rate in the markets and enjoy a minimal broker's commission rate

MetaTrader 5 Available for All Devices || ميتاتريدر 5 متاح لجميع الأجهزة
MT5 platform

Enjoy using the latest MT5 platform with OW Markets. Sign up now and make the most of the statistics, charts, direct price lists and many other tools we offer

OW Markets' fast execution speed averaging 0.03 seconds
Fast execution

Our super-fast execution speed, with an average of 0.03 seconds, is one of the most important features we offer at OW Markets. Speed is the key to keeping up with the financial markets.

Enjoy Low Commission with OW Markets
Low commission

Our ultimate goal at OW Markets is the success of our clients, so when you open an account with us, you’ll be offered one of the most competitive commission rates on the market.

Hassle-free Regestration Process
Hassle-free registration process

No more complex barriers to entry; all you need to do to get started with us is fill out some personal data and start trading.

Indices Specifications

Trade With Competitive Spreads From 0.0 Pips

dji Indices

Symbol Contract Size Tick value Tick Size Max Lot Per Trade Max Open Positions Maximum Leverage Margin Requirement Trading Hours
US30 1 USD 0.1=0.1 USD 0.1 100 300 Lot 1:400 1% Monday 01:02 – Friday 23:57
SP500 1 USD 0.1=0.1 USD 0.1 100 300 Lot 1:400 1% Monday 01:02 – Friday 23:57
NQ100 1 USD 0.1=0.1 USD 0.1 100 300 Lot 1:400 1% Monday 01:02 – Friday 23:57
FTSE100 1 GBP 0.1=0.1 GBP 0.1 100 300 Lot 1:400 1% Monday 01:02 – Friday 23:57
DAX40 1 EUR 0.1=0.1 EUR 0.1 100 300 Lot 1:400 1% Monday 01:02 – Friday 23:57

No symbol found


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Bank transfer indicating deposits and withdrawals via bank transfers || خيار التحويل البنكي الذى يشير إلى الإيداعات و السحوبات عبر التحويلات البنكية
STICPAY indicating deposits and withdrawals via e-wallets || محفظة STICPAY إلكترونية تشير إلى الإيداعات و السحوبات عبر المحافظ الإلكترونية
Credit card Trther indicating deposits and withdrawals via credit cards ||  بطاقات ائتمان Tether تشير إلى السحوبات و الإيداعات عبر بطاقات الائتمان