Negative Balance Protection

Today with OW Markets, you can take advantage of negative balance protection to enjoy trading ease.

Illustration showing Negative Balance Protection || رسم توضيحي لحماية الرصيد السلبي
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Illustration showing Negative Balance Protection || رسم توضيحي لحماية الرصيد السلبي
Icon representing account protection || أيقونة تمثل حماية الحساب

What is the negative balance protection feature? Why is it important?

  • The negative balance protection is a protection system used by professional brokers to spare their traders losses exceeding the value of their capital. In simpler terms: You can never lose more than the balance you have in your account

  • For example: If a trader is investing a capital of USD 1,000 using a large financial leverage to enter into a certain deal, but this deal encounters loss due to the market fluctuations. The trader shall lose, in such a case, his capital along with a loss of USD 40. Therefore, if his broker does not provide him with the negative balance protection feature, he will have to pay the incurred loss of USD 40. However, if his broker offers this feature, his loss will be ceased at the level of the deal liquidation and the account clearance

Negative Balance Protection

Advantages of Negative Balance Protection

Icon representing loss minimization || أيقونة تمثل تقليل الخسارة Loss Minimization
Icon representing debt avoidance || أيقونة تمثل تجنب الديون Debt Avoidance
Icon representing greater security || أيقونة تمثل الأمان الأكبر Greater Security
  • It should be noted that we offer such a feature for all types of accounts, so it does not matter whether you have a regular or Islamic account

  • Sign up now, take advantage of the many benefits offered by OW Markets, and keep your account protected against the negative balance possibility

  • OW Markets provides you with all that you need to join the world of investment. All that is required from you is to open an account, activate it, deposit and start trading and investing right away

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