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Chart illustrating interest rates || رسم بياني لأسعار الفائدة
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Chart illustrating interest rates || رسم بياني لأسعار الفائدة
Icon representing interest rates || رمز لأسعار الفائدة.

What are Swaps?

  • Swap rates are the fees collected by a broker on a certain trade or trading position in case it is kept open for the next day. If you want to keep your position open, you will be charged a specific interest on the currencies you are selling, and you may also collect interest on the currencies you are buying.

  • Swap interest rates are settled according to the interest rates in the countries in which currencies are traded. Besides, the trading and market movement, as well as the current market conditions play a great role in determining such rates.

  • It should be mentioned that each currency pair has its own swap rate, and the swap commission is calculated at 00:00 platform time.

Chart illustrating interest rates.
Table of currency exchange rates || جدول لأسعار تبادل العملات Swap Rates

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srSwap Rates

The hereinafter table shows OW Markets swap rates

Symbol Long Short
AUDCAD -3.47281 0.03861
AUDCHF -3.53439 -6.24019
AUDJPY -10.96762 -16.62512
AUDNZD -5.97124 0.37854
AUDSGD -1.55694 -4.19694
AUDUSD -3.21508 -0.57877
BCHUSD -50 -50
BTCUSD -30 -30
CADCHF -5.34781 -7.8649
CADJPY -13.79167 -20.32351
CHFJPY -3.9061 -9.85587
DAX40 -7.92 -0.03
DOTUSD -30 -30
EOSUSD -30 -30
ETHUSD -30 -30
EURAUD -4.51649 -1.21649
EURCAD -6.27649 -1.43469
EURCHF -4.97619 -9.31799
EURGBP -4.63837 -1.42497
EURJPY -13.67199 -22.61802
EURMXN -447.43776 -274.26456
EURNOK -42.15002 -5.19002
EURNZD -11.35728 -3.93768
EURSEK -20.60344 -25.11344
EURSGD -3.44454 -4.98454
EURTRY -7038.7878 -485.9136
EURUSD -6.44521 -2.17373
FTSE100 -9.16 -1.164
GBPAUD -2.05919 -8.57099
GBPCAD -0.78057 -4.74057
GBPCHF -9.46629 -15.16009
GBPJPY -25.78379 -36.95047
GBPNZD -4.8719 -2.2319
GBPSEK -22.8708 -82.2668
GBPUSD -2.79992 -1.4652
LTCUSD -30 -30
NQ100 -9.83 -0.83
NZDCAD -0.04202 -3.01202
NZDCHF -4.76469 -7.70649
NZDJPY -12.51012 -18.36986
NZDUSD -1.4935 -1.59687
SGDJPY -9.60494 -17.41062
SP500 -9.83 -0.83
UKOIL -16.77282 -44.88084
US30 -9.83 -0.83
USDCAD -0.13691 -3.59984
USDCHF -7.99005 -12.71082
USDCNH -14.63706 -92.12126
USDHKD -4.25359 -57.05359
USDJPY -21.37203 -31.88894
USDMXN -376.88398 -169.00038
USDNOK -6.49917 -52.66657
USDSEK -22.40685 -71.06385
USDSGD -2.54007 -10.20547
USDTRY -6384.4077 -385.8246
USDZAR -202.87667 -92.655
USOIL -8.61712 -29.84972
XAGUSD -5.90385 -2.8255
XAUEUR -29.59575 -19.14729
XAUUSD -40.161 -22.85
XPDUSD -18.62533 -2.68978
XPTUSD -12.86925 -1.06454
XRPUSD -50 -50

No symbol found

How to Check the Swap Rates on MT 5?

You will have the chance to easily get an up-to-date list of swap rates All you need to do is to access the Market Watch Window and search for the product you want to know its swap rates

  • 1 Right-click to select “Symbols”.
  • 2 Choose the product you want to trade and click on “Specifications”.
  • 3 A window showing the swap rates of the selected financial instrument will pop up.

It should be noted that if you do not want to use swap rates while trading, OW Markets offers you Islamic accounts that do not involve any interest. Such accounts enjoy all the features of other trading accounts. The only difference is that they do not charge any swap rates on either sold or purchased currencies just to offer a convenient investment experience for different segments of traders.

For more information about OW Markets Islamic account, please visit Islamic Account

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  • Screen displaying financial data || شاشة تظهر بيانات مالية


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